Boom Revolution Corporate Wellness 

Boom Revolution Corporate Wellness

Data drives the Boom Revolution Solution. We collect and evaluate data on the aggregate health of your company, employee participation rates, and employee preferences. Continually using and applying data to improve the well-being of your employees and the direction of our program is key to effective, customized wellness programs that meet your employees’ needs and align with your organization’s goals. 

Customize and Challenge

Measure and Track

The Boom Revolution Solution

There is not one corporate wellness solution for every company. We offer flexible wellness programs designed with your organization’s culture, goals, vision, and well-being in mind. From one-on-one health coaching sessions to tailored challenges and incentives, Boom Revolution will individualize a program specifically for you.


​​Boom Revolution wellness programs connect and engage with organizations and individual employees at their level. This may be through onsite visits, one-on-one health coaching; working with a wellness committee; and more. We want to know YOU – your employees, your company culture and values. 

Boom Revolution Corporate Wellness knows successful wellness programs have four essential elements. They are: connect and engage, measure and track, customize and challenge, and evaluate. Whether you are ready to start a wellness program or already have one, we can help!

​​Tracking is a key to success when it comes to improving health. With our online health portal, Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and biometric screenings (e.g. lipid panel, blood glucose, blood pressure, body composition) employees have the tools necessary to monitor and track their success in our program. 

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Connect and Engage

Customized wellness programs that increase productivity.