Boom Revolution Corporate Wellness 

Boom Revolution Corporate Wellness

United States Health Care Spending

Unscheduled absenteeism costs about $2,650/y for salaried employees and $3,600/y for hourly workers.* For a company of 50 salaried employees that's over $130,000 a year.

The Boom Revolution Solution

As a corporate wellness solutions company, Boom Revolution provides individuals the opportunities and resources necessary to “be well”, find balance, and discover the motivation to act while being in a supportive, engaging environment.
Chronic diseases are among the most expensive and preventable health problems.**
Why consider implementing a corporate wellness program? Because you value your employees and your company’s bottom line – happy employees are more productive, innovative, and healthy. These types of employees are absent less and present more. Taking steps to keep workers healthy and prevent disease is cost-effective.

Offering a wellness program to employees will create a positive work environment that will build loyalty within your organization. Wellness programs attract and retain good employees, leading to less turnover and sunk training costs. The well-being of your employees, their family, and the health of your bottom line will improve by implementing an engaging wellness program.

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Premiums 

​​​​Why Corporate Wellness Programs?


**Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Customized wellness programs that increase productivity.